Quality Assurance Patient Survey

We would appreciate if you could spend a few minutes to complete this survey.

The feedback will help us to improve our service to you.

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Quality Assurance Patient Survey
Did you find it easy to get through to the surgery? *
Did you find the receptionists helpful? *
Are you satisfied with the surgery's appointment times? *
Do you usually get to see the clinician you ask for? *
Were you offered a choice of appointments? *
How satisfied were you with the appointment offered? *
Did you take the appointment offered? *
Please describe your experience when making an appointment: *
How do you rate your consultation with your clinician? *
Were you spoken and treated with care, concern and were you listened too during your consultation? *
Were you involved in the decisions about your treatment? *
Please describe how your treatment was explained to you: *
Would you say that you have had suffificent support from your Local Services / other community organisations within the last 12 months? *
Please describe your overall experience with the NCMG: *

Your feedback and comments are valid, this will help us to make improvements to our practice and it's service.